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Health Notice

Dear Patients

We are pleased to announce that we can now safely reopen our dental practice and we will be starting to see patients from 8 June.

We will, however, initially be prioritising patients in pain. If you have outstanding treatment, a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Dentist Referrals

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Keeping you smiling throughout your life – Your Implant Specialists in Bury St Edmund’s

Are bad teeth taking control of your life?

Are loose teeth, ill-fitting dentures or gaps in your smile stopping you from living the life you would like? At our state-of-the-art practice situated at Guildhall Dental, we at Suffolk Dental Implants have been helping our patients take control of their teeth, feel happy and smile again – permanently.

Our implant dentist Dr John Hare has been helping hundreds of implant patients over the past 23 years, enabling his patients to taste their favorite foods again, eat out at restaurants without worry, throw away their dental glue forever and say ‘yes’ to all of the invitations they would normally turn down.

Whether you have a gap in your smile that needs replacing, allowing you to talk without feeling self-conscious, or require all or many of your teeth to be replaced, you can find out how some of our patients lives have been transformed as a result of the care they have received at Suffolk Dental Implants. Watch some patient videos to help you decide that replacing your teeth will help you to get your life back. Call us now for a FREE no obligation consultation with our friendly Implant Co-ordinator on: 01284 755631