Esther’s Story – Dental Implants

Dental Implants Esther

“When I first saw my smile I was very pleased. I had my gap filled and for the first time I felt I could smile without feeling embarrassed about having a gap at the side of my mouth.”

Esther's Implants


Esther had two front crowns but unfortunately, they kept coming out. She also had a gap further back that was apparent when she smiled. Although her dentist would repair the crowns each time, she was never very confident that they would last. Her worst fear was that they would fall out while she was eating out at a restaurant, so she chose the absolutely secure option of dental implants.

Esther was referred by her dentist to John Hare, the implant dentist and specialist oral surgeon at Guildhall Dental.

Assessment & Treatment

Esther had a thorough examination of her mouth and teeth including x-rays. It was decided that the teeth couldn’t be saved so they were removed and replaced with dental implants. To help her complete her smile and to support her bite she also had a back tooth replaced.


“The treatment has really given me more confidence about eating out. I always had that nightmare feeling that something would happen to my front tooth while I was eating. I don’t worry anymore.

I found Mr Hare to be really kind and very considerate. I was obviously very nervous when I first came in but he put me at ease and every step of the way I was always told what was going to happen and how long it would take and it all went very smoothly.

I have been very pleased with the results and very pleased with the help they gave me and how they explained all the details before I undertook the treatment.

I would recommend others to come to Guildhall Dental because they were very helpful, they gave me all the information and I knew exactly what the cost was before I started the treatment and I felt no pressure at all.”

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