June’s Story – Dental Implants

Dental Implants June

“The treatment I have had done has affected my life because I have my smile back, I have nice teeth, I have no pain whatsoever, I can actually eat properly and I can bite things I couldn’t before. I would highly recommend Guildhall Dental.”

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Following a fall at work, June lost her two front teeth. As a result she couldn’t smile, had trouble eating and lost her confidence. She decided the best option was to have them replaced with dental implants. Her dentist referred her to implant surgeon John Hare at Guildhall Dental.

June’s initial concerns about her dental implant treatment centred on their success, how they would look and whether the dental implant placement would hurt. John talked through each concern in great detail and this allayed her worries and helped her to feel confident about her treatment.

She said: “My initial concerns were overcome by talking it through at each stage and being prepared for the outcome. However small my concerns were they were addressed, so that actually put my mind at ease and I was very, very happy to go ahead with treatment.”

Assessment & Treatment

Unfortunately, June had broken and irrevocably damaged two teeth that supported her bridge and fractured two other teeth. Her dentist had been able to make a temporary crown and bridge but what was left of the supporting tooth roots meant that this was just a short term solution.

June had her broken tooth roots removed and two dental implants were immediately placed so that a more secure bridge could be fitted. Once the dental implants had healed into the gum a permanent bridge was made giving her back her smile.


June said her confidence has grown since having dental implant treatment at Guildhall Dental and that she couldn’t believe the results.

The staff were very friendly and very accommodating. The nursing staff were very, very friendly and put my mind at ease. The dentist was excellent – I can’t actually recommend him any more because he is absolutely amazing.

As you walk through the door you’re met with friendly receptionists, the level of care is very, very high and all the questions are answered, which puts your mind at rest.

When I first saw my smile I thought it was absolutely amazing, the colour match, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s made me so much more confident and as you can see the smile is there!”

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