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Dental Implants Linda

“My first reaction when I saw my smile was that I couldn’t believe it was me looking in the mirror. These teeth look like my teeth; they look like real teeth”

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Linda was 16 years old when a car accident left her with only four teeth. The remaining teeth eventually became worn and loose after wearing a partial denture for so many years.


A few days after her final treatment, Linda attended a family wedding. Her family had always known the trouble she’d had with her teeth. Her family remarked on how well her teeth and Linda looked and how confident it made her. When Linda first saw her smile she said, “I couldn’t believe it was actually me looking in the mirror. These teeth look like my teeth; they look like real teeth”.

Linda says, “I would say to patients thinking about having this treatment done, have it done because it has changed my life and has made me feel a lot more confident.” She goes on to describe her experience at the practice, “I would recommend the practice because they (the staff) are so attentive to my needs and caring and I wouldn’t fault them in anyway. Mr Hare made me feel at ease and the nurses were very helpful”.

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