Mike’s Story – Dental Implants

Dental Implants Mike

“The experience I have had has been first rate from the moment you walk in the door. All the staff are very, very friendly and you feel completely at ease. I would recommend this practice to anybody who wants the best treatment for their teeth.”

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Mike damaged his teeth in a motorbike accident when he was 17. Now in his 70s, he’s has had a long time to worry about his two front teeth.

Mike went through a long period of having crowns fitted but over the years he suffered various dental infections and diseases, which led to the gum actually shrivelling away in the end. This ruled out being able to have crowns any longer, so Mike decided it was time to find a permanent solution – and with John Hare’s exceptional experience, this is what he found.


When Mike came to Guildhall Dental, unfortunately the gums and the supporting bone around his front two teeth had shrunk considerably. This had been caused by repeated abscesses and root canal treatments performed at another dental practice.

Mike’s treatment involved removing the infection within the gum by extracting the two teeth that caused the problem. He had a temporary denture fitted so that he was never without his front teeth.

Once the gum had healed, careful assessment showed that he did not have enough bone within the gum to support two dental implants. A bone graft was needed to support them. After the graft and implants had healed the front teeth were restored with two implant crowns.


John rebuilt the bone structure and from that he was able to place the implants and Mike’s two replacement front teeth, which look exceptionally natural.

About his lovely new teeth, Mike said: “You really can’t tell the difference. They’re great. When I first got my smile back I looked in the mirror and I thought I look completely natural and that made me feel very good.”

As well as Guildhall Dental’s reputation for providing an excellent service at a reasonable price, it was primarily John’s reputation and experience that attracted Mike.

“I didn’t have any concerns over the treatment at all. I knew of Mr Hare’s reputation. I know he’s been doing this for many years. He’s as highly qualified as anybody can be for it. He’s the man who has the experience and the qualifications to do this and he has the reputation of being absolutely top. He has excellent facilities here and so I had absolutely no reason to be apprehensive at all and I wasn’t.”

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