Russell’s Story – Dental Implants

Dental Implants Russell

“They have been 100% efficient, wonderful people to deal with ranging from the front of house right the way through to the surgery. Every member of the team performed brilliantly, they do it with a smile, they make you feel relaxed, and I would totally recommend them.”

Russell Implants


On his own admission, Russell didn’t look after his teeth as well as he should have as a youngster. A combination of a diet of Coca Cola and mint imperials, as well as a bad experience with a dentist at a young age meant his teeth were disintegrating.

Russell said: “What prompted me to get my teeth fixed was purely and utterly that I couldn’t cope with the thought of false teeth. My teeth were degenerating, which meant eating food – even simple things like chewing gum – was becoming a real issue because it was pulling out fillings or if I had something like a pistachio nut it would have destroyed the tooth. The tooth would crack and break open and I was getting that with a fair few of my teeth, so the existing dentist I had at the time recommended I look at implants.”

Although a very nervous patient in his youth, Russell’s usual dentist had helped him overcome his fears so much that he was actually looking forward to having his teeth fixed and his new dental implants fitted by our implantologist and specialist oral surgeon, John Hare.

Assessment & Treatment

Russell says dental implant treatment carried out at Guildhall Dental has been life changing and that he’d recommend it to anyone.

Like all the cases undertaken at Guildhall Dental, treatment followed careful planning and assessment. The detail shown by the CT scan taken at Guildhall Dental revealed that Russell’s smile and bite could be restored using six dental implants after a sinus graft.


Russell explains, “I am now 58 years old and to have teeth that I can smile with and feel comfortable with is fantastic. When I first smiled I just thought wow, these are the best my teeth have been, ever since I can remember.

It has changed my life in so many ways. I can actually eat food properly, that’s a big thing. People whose teeth are in good condition will obviously take it for granted but it is amazing what difference that has made. The fact I can smile without being embarrassed about the teeth that I had.

The advice I would give to anyone considering dental implants, especially using this practice and John Hare, would be just to do it. The results that you get from having these implants are well worth the time and well worth the expense.

John has been absolutely fantastic. He took me through the whole of the operation, he guided me through and told me what to expect, everything he said would happen did happen. The aftercare was fabulous too. I would recommend Guildhall Dental Practice to absolutely everyone, without a moment’s hesitation.”

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