Virginia’s Story – Dental Implants

Dental Implants Virginia

““My experience at Guildhall Dental has been perfect. It couldn’t be better and I would recommend it to anybody whole-heartedly because it’s so professional and so caring, and Mr Hare explains everything. It’s just brilliant!”

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Before Virginia had her dental implants fitted at Guildhall Dental, she hadn’t smiled properly for some 40 years. At just 14 she was hit in the face by a hockey ball, which damaged her two front teeth. One became discoloured and marked and Virginia became very self-conscious, often covering her teeth when she smiled – or trying not to smile at all, which was very difficult for a naturally smiley person.

Over time one of her teeth became incredibly wobbly, to the point where it was about to fall out. It was at this point that Guildhall Dental’s principal dentist and implantologist, John Hare and Virginia decided something had to be done.

Virginia admits that she was a little concerned about the cost of dental implants but said this was overcome by the fact treatment was spread out and could be paid for in instalments. And for Virginia, dental implant treatment had become a priority.

John talked Virginia through all the options available and explained each in detail. Virginia said it was her decision, on John’s guidance, which she trusted implicitly, that implants were the best solution.

Assessment & Treatment

As both teeth had been damaged beyond repair, they were removed and a temporary denture fitted whilst the gum healed. She then had two dental implants to replace the missing teeth.


“For many years I was very self-conscious and would always try not to smile because I thought my front tooth looked awful. Now I’ve got these implants it was so nice because I could really smile for the first time in, it must be forty years, so that meant a lot and I’m very grateful.

“When I first saw my smile I was a bit self-conscious because I don’t actually like looking at myself very much but it was really nice and better than my real teeth were, much better, so it’s a joy really.”

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